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South Korea, the land of the not so calm morning

A land of contrasts, looking towards the future, South Korea awaits your immediate visit. Between Seoul's urban frenzy, Buddhist spirituality in many temples and ancestral traditions, we are witnessing the rise of the 'land of the morning calm'.

A trip to Korea starts with Seoul, its bustling capital. It varies between excessive American-like skyline and 600-year hanoks harboring businessmen, shamans and schoolchildren wearing a uniform. One can enjoy the many scents of food prepared in the streets of Insadong and Apgujeong districts, the colors of vegetables from the Dongdaemun market stalls while sipping a soy juice. Seoul's magic feeling is due to its numerous gardens and palaces all set far away from the city's bustle and hustle. Changdeokung is home to many buildings all harmoniously distributed and set in a gorgeous garden, thus giving it its rightful name of Palace of the Illustrated Virtue. A plane ticket to Busan will lead you to the heart of wild landscapes. Renowned for its festivals, this charming coastal city boasts many activities such as the fortress of the golden mountain or the temple of the illuminating way.

Korea is filled with a strong sense of spirituality and houses many Buddhist temples. The Bulguksa temple, dwelling a pagoda filled with Prolific Treasures, is listed at Unesco. For those seeking authenticity, some South Korea travel guides offer stays in monasteries. For a stay closer to nature, between national parks and thermal springs, one should choose Gyeongsangnam-Do or Gangwon-Do. A flight to Korea will undoubtedly lead you to Jeju Island and its permanent mandarin smell.

And last, but not least, Korea is a country of traditions where one can admire the Korean rulers' tombs in Gyeongju, witness a traditional pansori opera at the Korean Folk Village and bring back a typical jade colored celadon ceramic in one’s luggage.