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Membership thresholds
All you have to do to qualify for Flying Blue Silver, Gold or Platinum membership, is collect the given number of Level Miles, and/or complete a set number of Level flight segments with any SkyTeam member.
As soon as you reach the next threshold, your membership will be upgraded. Otherwise, your status is valid for one year, and revised annually.
 Level Miles  Membership threshold
Level Miles
Level Miles are the Miles that count toward your threshold for Elite membership.

You earn Level Miles :
  • when you fly with AIR FRANCE, KLM, Air Europa, or Kenya Airways, whatever the operating company,
  • when you fly on SkyTeam airlines operated flights,
The following Miles do not count as Level Miles:
  • Miles earned with other airline and non-airline partners
  • Promotional Miles and Elite bonus Miles
Please note that Domestic flights within Metropolitan France by residents in Metropolitan France earn Level Miles, but do not count as Level flight segments.
Membership threshold
Required thresholds for French and Monegasque residents
Level Miles Level Flights segments
Silver 30 000 15
Gold 60 000 30
Platinum 90 000 60

Required thresholds for the rest of the world
Level Miles Level Flights segments
Silver 25 000 15
Gold 40 000 30
Platinum 70 000 60
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