Distribution fees

- Fees apply in addition to fare difference if any.
- Fees will be applied for all fares, except infant fares (no seat reservation)

Fee is applicable for all refunds:
- voluntary refund of fully unused tickets issued locally.
- voluntary refund of partially used ticket issued locally.
- refund of charges & taxes.
Refund process can only be handled from the original issuing office.

1. Payments of fees can be settled by bank transfer (via call center) or international credit card.
2. All charges of re-issuance / rerouting, etc. are not refundable.
3. Fees are received in local currency
4. Service charge for unaccompanied minors is applied at level depending on each trip.
5. Fees are applied at specific levels for ticket issued by Air France KLM corporate call center, under corporate contract agreement.
6. All fees apply in additions to penalties according to fares conditions.
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