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The romantic city of Paris - the beautiful Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are just two of many attractions for visitors

What strikes many visitors to the beautiful city of Paris is the beautiful architecture and unique ambience, that is highly romantic and picturesque. The city lies at the very heart of France, and is its vibrant and exciting capital. Paris itself is the home of 2 million people, though the wider urban area has more like 12 million inhabitants. Paris is sometimes called the "City of Light", because it was an early adopter of gas street lighting in the 1800s. This name also refers to the city's role in the Enlightenment period of scientific and rational advancement.
The history of Paris stretches back to the 3rd Century BC. By the 12th Century it was an influential centre for education and trade, and it was the largest city in the Western world at around this time. Paris retains an important role worldwide in economics, the arts and culture to this day. There are many unique attractions to Paris, such as its iconic landmark, the Eiffel tower, and the beautiful architecture of the Cathedral Notre-Dame-de-Paris. There are hundreds more things to do for visitors, both for tourists on holiday and workers on business.
You can visit Paris by flying direct with the largest French airline, Air France. Why not book online for your airline ticket? You can also check in online, book hired cars and book your own personalised options for your flight, such as baggage, seat location, and eating options. There are some great entertainment options for your flight, with movies, music, and games available during the journey.
Paris can be enjoyed all year round, although it is warmest in the months of May to September, with average daily temperatures of around 20 degrees Centigrade in the hottest month of July. The main language spoken is French and the currency is the Euro, which can also be used in most of the European region, which there are good travel connections to other nearby countries. One significant festival for Paris is the Bastille Day event, on July 14th.

Paris is the cultural heart of Paris and a major tourist destination in Europe

For centuries, Paris has been an influential city in fields as diverse as fashion, academic study and economics. Many influential philosophers and writers have lived in Paris at some point throughout the ages, from Ernest Hemingway to Descartes, and it has been the site of some very interesting history.
There are many exciting attractions in Paris to visit during your stay in the city. Paris is the home of the world-famous art gallery The Louvre, which displays the famous iconic painting Mona Lisa and her 'enigmatic smile', by Leonardo de Vinci. The city also hosts the twice-yearly event Paris Fashion week, which is the highlight of the haute-couture calendar and an essential destination for the fashion lover. The Champs Elysees has many interesting theatres, luxury shops and cafes. Throughout Paris, there are romantic restaurants and attractive streets to meander down.
You can visit the sights of Paris in a value for money way, if you use The Paris Pass which gives entrance to over 60 of Paris's most famous museums and attractions, a free bus tour of Paris, free travel on the metro and the buses within zones 1-3, the option to skip queues for some attractions, and a guidebook. There are many options for accommodation and transport around the city during your stay.

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