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Fancy getting away from it all? With Air France , find yourself an airplane ticket to Buenos Aires right now! You can choose from several flights each week, so why not book your journey now and embark on a voyage of discovery of the wonderful capital of Argentina.
After a flight from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires , let yourself be captivated by the vitality and joie de vivre of this city, which is the 16th largest in the world by population! Sited on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, the city is also the country's main port and a vibrant cultural hub. With its subtropical climate, the weather in Buenos Aires is naturally quite hot, with mild winters and summer weather which can be somewhat stifling due to high levels of relative humidity.
Your stay in Buenos Aires could start off with a tour of the historical city centre, which has numerous tourist attractions. Its colonial heritage is apparent in the Parisian-style townhouses. Another world awaits away from the broad boulevards, in the innumerable narrow streets of the city. Labyrinthine and fascinating in equal measure, the capital of Argentina is a place of quirky charm. The past and the future, wealth and poverty, quiet districts and lively streets - all co-exist in this city. During the day, you could wander around the district of La Boca, birthplace of the Tango, which to this day is the haunt of artists and home to buildings that are seemingly competing to see which can be the most multi-coloured of all!
For a little rest and relaxation, there's nothing like a stroll through the district of Palermo. This light and airy residential area includes a huge park, lakes and stunningly opulent mansions. In the evening, you might like to savour a cocktail in Recoleta, a trendy neighbourhood with achingly fashionable restaurants. It's a great place to sit down and relax after a trip to the National Museum of Fine Arts! San Telmo is also a must-see for its colonial-style townhouses and its tantalizing hipster shops.

Your stay in Buenos Aires and Argentina

Tango, the Pampas, Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia…there are so many attractions that make you want to hop on an airplane and fly off to Argentina . This country is chock-full of iconic tourist sights. The more adventurous amongst us will head off to take on the Andean Cordillera, the Iguazu falls (one of the most beautiful places in the world, with no fewer than 200 separate drops set amidst lush tropical vegetation) and the Patagonian steppe. In short, Argentina has no end of natural habitats and landscapes that are beautiful and awe-inspiring at the same time.
The Pampas is an immense plain where the gauchos, Argentina's cowboys, reign supreme - you can even see how they live by going on a tour of a working ranch - the ideal way to get away from the routine! The very name 'Ushuaia' has a certain dreamlike mystique about it. At the southernmost end of the Andes, it boasts endlessly fascinating and majestic landscapes. Only a third of Tierra del Fuego is Argentinian territory, but this archipelago is a great place for hikers and anyone who's interested in becoming better acquainted with a rich, very diverse cultural heritage. Nature-lovers will adore getting their hiking boots on in Talampaya National Park. This gem of a place is especially interesting for its geology, as typified by its incredible red-coloured rock formations.
Argentina is a country of contrasts which delights all who visit it. The imposing Andes, the tropical rainforest of Iguazu, glaciers, amazing beaches, vineyards, Amerindian culture, a lifestyle that's fizzing with energy, from Tango to great cuisine… your journey to Argentina and Buenos Aires has plenty of surprises in store for you!

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