The anthropomorphic menhirs of Filitosa

The anthropomorphic menhirs of Filitosa

Visit the prehistoric UNESCO World Heritage site of Filitosa in Corsica with its spectacular menhir statues.

These famous anthropomorphic menhirs have been standing on the Filitosa site in the heart of Corsica since the fourth millennium BC. The carved granitic rock statues evoke forgotten religious rites of yesteryear and their purpose, for the most part, remains a mystery. What we do know is that in 1200 BC, these megalithic monuments were reworked by artists who added daggers, helmets, armour and swords. Stroll among these men of stone. While the enigma remains, let your imagination drift from conjecture to reverie. A true open-air museum, the site is considered to be the largest sculpture site in Corsica, and the most fabulous in the Mediterranean.
We owe its discovery, in 1946, to Charles-Antoine Cesari. Around twenty years later, Roger Grosjean – an archaeologist and researcher at CNRS (the French National Centre for Scientific Research) – began relentless excavations on the traces of an ancient civilisation.

Filitosa prehistoric site
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