Stroll across Museum Island

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Stroll across Museum Island

In the heart of the city, Museum Island is a fascinating place for a promenade.

Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, Museum Island is home to five world-famous museums: the Pergamon Museum (Pergamon museum), the Old Museum (Altes Museum), the National Gallery (National Galerie–currently closed for renovations),  the Bode Museum (Bode Museum, formerly the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum) and the New Museum (Neues Museum).

In the early 19th century, art and culture began to bloom in this former residential area with the construction of the Altes Museum, which houses the royal collection of ancient art. The four other museums were built between 1824 and 1930. Illustrating the evolution of modern museum design, the collections span 6,000 years of art history, from the bust of Nefertiti to the Pergamon Altar.

In the city centre, the island is one of Berlin's main attractions, and a great place for a walk.

The Masterplan Museum sinsel Berlin 2015 project is restructuring the collections to create a single access point to all five museums by 2018.

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