Metropol, a flagship dim sum address

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Metropol, a flagship dim sum address

More than a Hong Kong culinary specialty, dim sum represents the soul of Hong Kong cuisine. Meet at the Metropol, one of the emblematic restaurants of the genre.

In the huge hall of the Metropol restaurant, located on the fourth floor of a famous Hong Kong shopping centre, you will dine on dim sum in the traditional way. Waiters wander between the tables, pushing carts loaded with fritters and stuffed buns, as well as bamboo baskets containing the famous steamed dumplings.

Wave your hand and one of these many waiters will approach immediately, explaining their delicious treats. Trust your intuition and choose between sweet and savoury dishes. You will not regret your spirit of adventure! Served in small portions, like Spanish tapas, dim sum are shared with family or friends, and served with a bit of green tea, of course.

Metropol Restaurant
4/F, United Centre
95 Queensway
Hong Kong

+852 2865 1988

Menu: from 210 HKD