Les Sales Gosses, a foodie meal back to childhood days

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Les Sales Gosses, a foodie meal back to childhood days

Next to the Saint-Louis covered market in Brest's city centre, Les Sales Gosses is a restaurant that will take you back to happy childhood.

In this restaurant, traditional cuisine awaits you in a friendly atmosphere, which is normal since decoration is based on the classrooms of yesteryear. Once seated on your schoolboy chair, you will only want to horse around with other patrons. Careful attention has been paid to every detail: the menu is written down with a piece of chalk on a blackboard, and, next to it, a large map of Europe will bring back memories of geography lessons. Tempered glasses and red and white checked napkins will definitely take you to the chow hall.
However, rest assured for chef Thomas Deslandes' delicious cuisine sheds a light on local products. If the menu changes every day, depending on the seasons, you can always fall back on the must-try fish & chips. The sea bream served with vegetables en gratin is also a regular hallmark. For dessert, chocolate mousse will bring delight to your palate. Come here and experience a genuine time machine…

Les Sales Gosses
63, rue Louis Pasteur
29200 Brest

+33 (0)2 98 80 65 19


Menu: from 12.50 EUR