Hippo, true street corner restaurant

family - brasserie
Hippo, true street corner restaurant

In the Highland Park neighbourhood, Hippo and its chef Matt Molina praise simple and no-fuss cuisine, meant to be shared on large family tables.

In Los Angeles, the Highland Park neighbourhood is now a posh and crowded hangout, replete with gastro-pub restaurants and other fine dining establishments. It is therefore no exaggeration saying that Hippo sticks out in this trendy landscape. When chef Matt Molina launched it, the goal was to offer a street corner-type of restaurant with simple and family food. Since then, the place is constantly crowded.

The interiors are huge, with wood framework overhanging while the walls are covered with large flowers and fern, stylised in yellow, orange and red tones. Comfortably set on a long bottle green bench seat, take your pick among the various seasonal dishes on the menu. Feel free to try innovative blends of flavours, like the burrata served with rye berries, nectarines, green onions and mint, green lasagne with farm-grown-pork stew, roast chicken with harissa paste and watercress, or even a New Zealand red snapper with coriander. A breath of fresh air, far from the neighbourhood's common culinary practices.

5916 1/2 North Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90042

+1 323 545 3536


Menu: around 30 USD