Hiking and canyoning in the Purcaraccia waterfalls

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Hiking and canyoning in the Purcaraccia waterfalls

Looking for some thrills? The Purcaraccia waterfalls are everything you are yearning for, with natural slides, rock climbing and emerald-coloured waters.

Enter the Purcaraccia valley for a two-kilometre hike to a first pool that provides you with a splendid view of the rocks of Bavella. An invigorating swim in clear 14ºC water is waiting for the less skittish in your group. Rock climbing, vertiginous leaps, rappelling 30 metres and water slides… a plethora of sensations for the most adventurous.

While Purcaraccia is a place for the athletic, it is also and above all a Garden of Eden. Atop the rocky cliffs, you have a grandiose panoramic view of the valley and the fascinating spectacle of waterfalls and crystal-clear waters.

This little piece of paradise having become relatively well known, try to come in the off-season. Difficult to complete with kids, the climb to the top requires a bit of muscle and a good level of fitness, as well as a helmet and good climbing shoes.

Cascades de Purcaraccia
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