Glorified seafood at Au Bout du Quai

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Glorified seafood at Au Bout du Quai

After a visit to the Mucem or a stroll on the Old Port, food lovers usually stop at Au Bout du Quai to enjoy some seafood.

Facing the Old Port, with the Saint-Jean Fort and the abbey of Saint-Victor in your eyesight, the restaurant's setting is idyllic and yet totally preserved from the crowds. Seating on the terrace with a view of the Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica, the patrons at Au Bout du Quai ("At the far end of the dock" in English) take in the soft sunshine, sea breeze and gorgeous scenery before eyeing the menu. Far from tourist bustle, the restaurant is popular with Marseille locals – known as Marseillais – for its stripped-down and contemporary design and obviously its plates of marine inclinations. Rivalling its natural décor, this semi-gastronomic Mediterranean bistro offers a range of products from the sea: fish soup, seabass filet en croûte with honeyed preserved monkfish liver, grilled calamari served with eggplant caviar and caramelised peppers… Lovers of surf and turf will indulge in the house special, the veal tartare with oysters. Everything is super fresh as the menu changes every day, depending on the fish and crustacean catches sourced… only a few metres away on that same Marseille harbour.

Au Bout du Quai
1 avenue Saint-Jean
13002 Marseille

+33 (0)4 91 99 53 36

Menu: around 40 EUR