Corsican paradox in the plate at Directoire

corsican bistro
Corsican paradox in the plate at Directoire

With modern decoration and original dishes on one side and grandmother-like tableware and traditional recipes on the other, Le Directoire feeds on contradictions, at the heart of Ajaccio's historic centre.

Situated on a very characteristic pedestrian street of Ajaccio's old town, Le Directoire plays with paradoxes. The story of the name comes first: it references the regime in place after the coup of November 9th, 1799, launched by Napoleon Bonaparte, the most famous Ajaccio alumni. Furniture and decoration then, in all kinds of variations, from patched-up low tables to majestic gilded dinner tables that look straight from a luxury antique dealer. Then there's the main event: the menu, which features both classics and more original dishes: from eggplant parmigiana to gnocchi in a country-style sauce with sliced foie gras, and sole meunière to gorgonzola risotto with pear, baby spinach and crispy dry-cured ham. The team here pride themselves on carefully selecting expertly-produced local ingredients. Particular attention is paid to welcoming families with kids, for whom steak and fries are revisited with fresh minced veal and homemade fries. Everything is served in kitsch crockery like it would be at your grandma's – or, as we say in Corsica, your Minnà!

Le Directoire
3 rue Emmanuel Arène
20000 Ajaccio

+33 (0)4 95 21 98 30

Menu: around 33 EUR