Adopt the Amman lifestyle

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Adopt the Amman lifestyle

Get carried away by the oriental swirl, and sample Jordanian culture by sipping coffee or tea at any time of day.

As in other countries in the Middle East, coffee is the national drink. Jordanians find it difficult to pass up any opportunity to partake in a cup of this ancient beverage. It is consumed on both grand occasions—to seal a business deal, for example—and as part of everyday life. The preference if for it to be black, strong, very sweet, and sometimes flavoured with cardamom seeds. Tea is also popular with locals, often flavoured with mint.
To enjoy one of these drinks, there is no better place than a traditional café, such as the Al-Sendabad Coffee Shop or Café Kepi, which have a mixed clientele. Amman residents gather every day to chat, read newspapers, play backgammon or ‘Taoleh', and smoke hookahs. Symbol of conviviality and sharing, this large water pipe is prepared with tobacco with apple, honey, mint, strawberry, and many other flavours. Its fragrant aroma fills many cafés in the capital.

Al-Sendabad Coffee Shop
Hashemite Square

+962 6 463 2035

Café Kepi
‪Paris Square‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
Jabal Al Webdeh
Amman 11191

+962 7 7545 6850