Valencia, a city of the future

Valencia is definitely a modern city which preserves its rich cultural heritage. Spain's third largest city has many avant-garde buildings and offers the benefits of a seaside city thanks to its geographic location. It is located on the Mediterranean Sea, across from the Baleares islands and the weather is pleasant all year round with a semi-arid climate. Summers are very hot.
Valencia is not only a city of festivals and sun. It also offers many cultural and sports attractions. It is hard to be bored in the city with a population of about 800,000.
Valencia had a huge flood in 1957 when the Turia River rose. Following this catastrophe, the river bed was deviated from the city of Valencia in the south and the former river bed is now a green area.
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What to do in Valencia?

There is plenty to do in Valencia both day and night. During the day, there are many museums and parks to discover. The most emblematic building in Valencia is of course, the City of Arts and Sciences, a huge futuristic building designed by architect Santiago Calatrava. The building has an area of about 350,000 m². One day is not enough to explore all of the different buildings in glass and metal. Lily pad, boat, dinosaur skeleton or eye: the shapes of the buildings are invitations for the imagination. The City also offers a large choice of attractions. There is an interactive science museum, a planetarium, Europe's largest aquarium, gardens, etc.

For those who love old stones, Valencia also has a rich cultural heritage. Roman, medieval ruins, gothic and Arab architecture: so many examples. Some of the must-sees:

  • The Valencia Cathedral, built on the location of a former mosque during the 13th century,
  • The gothic tower, El Miguelete, adjoining the cathedral,
  • The lonja de la Seda or hall of silk, one of the finest gothic constructions in Europe.

Valencia is a pleasant city where it is enjoyable to walk. Don't hesitate to rent a bike or put on a pair of skates to get around.

Partying in Valencia

Valencia is a festive city with concerts and fine dining. The city's typical dish is the famous paella. It is usually cooked in a large pan, called paella, and the main ingredient is rice. There are many variations that you can enjoy in Valencian restaurants. For a light dinner with drinks, opt for tapas. Valencia also has a speciality drink: Horchata de chufa, a sweet drink that is served chilled. Very nourishing, it is composed of tiger nuts and is a perfect drink to sip on a café terrace.
Thanks to the constantly pleasant climate, there are many nocturnal activities. Every night, there is live music in bars and restaurants as well as in the city's concert halls. The El Carmen neighbourhood is without a doubt, the best place for nightlife in Valencia.
There are also many important events and festivals throughout the year, such as the famous Fallas that celebrate spring. Every year, they attract thousands of tourists.

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