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Visit the diverse and multicultural city of Sao Paulo

As Brazil's largest city and one of the largest cities in the world, with an estimated 20 million in the wider urban area, Sao Paulo is a cultural melting pot, with many different nationalities and a wide range of cuisine and local craft to enjoy during your stay. The city is named after St Paul, the early church missionary and writer of much of the Bible's New Testament, reflecting the Christian past of the city.
The city now has millions of immigrants, mainly from Italy, Portugal, Japan, Spain, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries, which means there is a wide variety of cuisines and cultural highlights to enjoy during a holiday.
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The city enjoys a subtropical climate, with hot summers and warm winters. Sao Paulo is the economic centre of Brazil, which has benefited from an improved economic situation in recent years. A great time to visit is during the lively Carnaval in early springtime, where there is a display of all the samba schools at the Anhembi Sambadrome. The largest fashion event in Latin America is the Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Other events are the 'Pancake cook-off' and the 'March for Jesus', which features Christian bands as part of the popular Pentecostal movement within Christianity.

Learn more about Brazilian history and culture at Sao Paulo

There is plenty to do during your stay in Sao Paulo. The Museu Paulista tells of Brazilian history, especially the story of how the country became independent. The Sao Paulo Museum of Art has an interesting 1960s architecture and shows Brazilian art as well as some African work. The Museum of the Portuguese Language tells of the main language spoken in Brazil, as well as the subject of language development in a more general way. Latin America's Memorial is a way to learn more about Latin American culture as a whole, including crafts and a library. Also try the Image and Sound Museum, which shows cinematic and other visual arts, and hosts film showings and other exhibitions. For lovers of the beautiful game that is popular in the city, there is the Football Museum.
There are a large number of green spaces and parks, some of which are environmentally protected. Ibirapuera Park has a large area for jogging and walking, but it also contains museums and other leisure activities and is the site of several annual festivals.

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