Manchester, cradle of the industrial revolution and rock music

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With 511,000 inhabitants, Manchester is a city located in the heart of a large conurbation area, the second largest in the United Kingdom after London.
Located 260 km to the northeast of London , Manchester is a dynamic city, both culturally and economically. Many rock bands came from the city, such as Oasis and there are two symphony orchestras, the Halle Orchestra and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. It is a city that has always been able to adapt.
Manchester was one of the forerunners in the industrial revolution with the development of cotton manufactures. The nearby port of Liverpool contributed to the city's development. Manchester was also very involved in the Second World War in particular manufacturing bombs and airplane engines. Manchester suffered bombings during World War II and was the stage for an IRA attack in 1996 - 50,000 m² of shops and 25,000 m² of offices had to be rebuilt. Today, the city is oriented to services. It is the city with the highest growth in the United Kingdom.
Manchester is a large financial centre as can be seen by its central business district.

Manchester, a city of eclectic architecture

Although Manchester is well-known for its dynamic economy, its university and football teams, Manchester United and Manchester City, it has bold and eclectic architecture from Victorian to contemporary styles. The red brick buildings and homes are typical of Manchester. You may visit the gothic style cathedral built in 1421 near Chestam's Hospital where the cathedral's priests used to live. You may also admire the neoclassical style of the Royal Exchange or Saint Anne's church, built in the 18th century.
However, the two most famous buildings in Manchester are without a doubt, the John Rylands Library, built in 1890 that holds a very rare collection of manuscripts, and Manchester's Town Hall, a fine example of neo-gothic architecture with a tower that reaches 87 metres and an ornately decorated interior with mosaics on the floor and frescoes on the ceiling.
Manchester also has several museums: the Manchester City Art Gallery, Urbis, Flowry, the Jewish Museum and of course, the Manchester United Museum located under one of the famous stadium's stands!
Manchester also has a nightlife with many bars, breweries and great venues for rock bands.

Travel to Manchester: useful tips

If you fly to Manchester as a tourist, you must have a valid passport and may be required to provide additional documents. Check with the UK embassy or consulate.
If you would like to rent a car to visit the area surrounding Manchester, it is recommended to have an international driver's license.
The currency in the United Kingdom is the British pound. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere and there are very many ATMs. However, traveller's cheques are not accepted in retail shops but may be exchanged in banks.

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