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Geneva is a city surrounded by the magnificence of the Alps and the home of many important international groups

Geneva is the second largest city in the beautiful country of Switzerland, right in the heart of Europe. The city borders onto an adjoining French town, and Geneva is the centre of the French-speaking part of the country. Just next to Geneva and over the border is Mont Saleve, from which there are beautiful views and places to eat, making it a popular tourist attraction. There are many museums and interesting attractions to visit in the city itself, making it a great destination for a holiday.
Geneva is well known for being the home of many important international organisations, such as the World Trade Organisation, the Red Cross, and many groups within the United Nations - such as the World Health Organisation and the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights. It is the site where the well-known 'Geneva Convention' was signed, the international agreement on how to behave in wartime.
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The city of Geneva is right at the South West of the beautiful Lake Geneva, and the magnificent mountainous Alps region surrounds it. The climate of the area is temperate, so there are pleasant warm summers and fairly mild winters. The mountains nearby have plenty of snow however, which attracts many visitors each year for a variety of winter sports.
Most of Geneva's population speaks French, but due to immigration there are also significant numbers of people who speak English, Spanish, Italian and German.

Geneva has many museums and interesting facilities to enjoy

Geneva is an important economic centre, and many international companies have headquarters in the city. As is traditional for Switzerland, there are also many watch-making companies. To learn more about this aspect of the culture, the Patek Philippe Museum tells of the craft of making watches. Geneva is also the site of the famous and ground-breaking scientific instrument, the Large Hadron Collider, within the CERN organisation - and visitors can go on a tour around the facility, or enjoy an attached exhibition.
There are a wide variety of different attractions to enjoy during your stay in Geneva. It is possible to take a walk through the nearby vineyards of Dardagny to learn more about wine and the grape varieties of the region. If you visit during the annual Geneva Festival, you will be treated to an hour-long firework display. You can enjoy a guided tour of the Palais des Nations, where the United Nations organisations are sited, which also has works of art and other interesting features. There is also a local nature reserve to enjoy.
You can travel around the city using bus, trolleybus or tram, and there are various kinds of boat transport to take you across the lake, which has wonderful scenic views for the visitor to enjoy. A little-known but excellent museum is the Musee des Arts d'Extreme-Orient, which shows Chinese and Japanese artwork.

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