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Barcelona attracts millions of tourists every year with its lively nightlife, fascinating culture and beautiful architecture

Barcelona is one of the largest cities in Europe, and also one of the most popular for tourists. There are about 5 million people living in Barcelona, which is the capital city of the Catalonia region of Spain. This lively city has many attractions, from its famous sporting venues to its ancient architecture. There are a number of interesting regions in the city, such as El Born, a trendy area that has art galleries, bars and great food and tapas in its cafes. There are many traditional Spanish sights to enjoy such as Flamenco dancing.
You can visit Barcelona by flying with the largest French airline, Air France. It is possible to book online to buy your airline ticket. Online, you can also check in , book hired cars and book personalised options for your journey, such as baggage, seat location, and your dining options. There is some great entertainment for your flight, with films, music, and games available on your own individual video screen.
Barcelona enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with mild, humid winters and warm, dry summers, so is a great place for a holiday throughout the year. The main language spoken is Spanish, although Catalan is also understood. However the city is very used to welcoming tourists - an estimated 8 million tourists visit every year.

Enjoy the cultural attractions and great party atmosphere of Barcelona

There are many interesting activities and attractions to enjoy during your stay in Barcelona. You can find Roman artefacts in the Barcelona City History Museum, and there are many art galleries and museums to enjoy during your stay. The CosmoCaixa Barcelona is a popular science museum that includes a planetarium and a tropical greenhouse. For those who enjoy modern and contemporary art there is the Picasso museum, or the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. Within the Gothic Quarter of the city there are many buildings that date to the medieval and Roman period. Barcelona has a number of World Heritage Sites designated by UNESCO, such as the unusually designed Casa Batllo, and Park Guell. The impressive architecture of the Palace of Catalan Music is a must-see, though it can perhaps best be enjoyed while attending for a concert.
There is a thriving music scene in the city, from classical at the opera house Gran Teatre del Liceu and other venues, to live performances of alternative and popular music. It is home to one of the world's most successful football teams, and fans may enjoy visiting the venues there, such as Camp Nou. There are many places to go shopping, including the interesting Las Ramblas Avenue, which has flower stalls along the street, as well as some unique local businesses and a quirky atmosphere.
There is a total of 68 parks to visit in Barcelona, including botanical gardens and some historic parks, such as the Parc de Montjuic, which has a castle and great views over the city. There are also many beaches to enjoy, for a range of purposes and tastes. In Barcelona you can travel using buses, trams, a metro and even cable cars.

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